VI Mallorca Olympic Triathlon 2016

Competition Data

  • Date: 23/04/2016
  • Triatlón
  • Mallorca
  • City: Colonia Sant Jordi
  • Time: 10:00
  • Registered:
  • Limit: 22/04/2016 21:00
  • Organiza: Mallorca Olympic
  • Fee:
    62 €
    59 € *
    * Precio con chip amarillo
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Esta competición se rige por las normas de la Federación:

Federación de Triatlón (FETRIB) / (FETRI)

Para poder participar en esta competición debes estar federado a esta federación.

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VI Mallorca Olympic Triathlon 2016

Competition Data

Please note that the date for the Mallorca Olympic has been changed to 23 April, 2016.

We are very sorry to have to change the date and we do so with great regret.  The change has been imposed upon us by the police, because the Mallorca 312, which is on the same day, is now too large to be able to police the two events on the same day.  We have been told that we have to move forward a week.

Registration is now open for the new date of 23 April 2016.   Once again, we are very sorry to have to make this change.


Mallorca Olimpic, Colonia Sant Jordi

  • Sábado día 30 de abril de 2016 /  Saturday 30 April 2016
  • Colonia de Sant Jordi
  • Distancia Olímpica   / Olympic distance

Website: or


  • Federados Baleares/ Balearic registered 44€ + IVA/Taxes
  • Federados nacionales/ Spanish registered 49€ + IVA/Taxes
  • Resto athletas individuales/ Everybody else 49€ + 3€ Seguro/Insurance + IVA/
  • TaxesRelevos/Relays 65€ + IVA/Taxes
  • Chip amorillo / Yelow Chip 3 euros

Sector de natacion bordeando la preciosa playa Es Carbo /  Swim next to the beaches of Es Carbo

Circuito ciclista cerrado al trafico hasta Cap de Ses Salines / Bike on closed roads to the Cap de Ses Salines

Circuit de carrera alrrededor del pueblo de Colonia de Sant Jordi / Run round the town of Colonia Sant Jordi

Trofeos Masculino y Femenino: / Men and Women trophies:

  • Absolutos
  • Sub 23
  • Veteranos 1 (40-49)
  • Veteranos 2 (50 – 59)
  • Veteranos 3 (60+)

Recogida de dorsales y Horarios / Timetable:

30 April 2016

  • Recogida de dorsales  / race number pickup: 07:30 h
  • Apertura de los boxes  / boxes open: 08:30 h
  • Start: 10:00 h


Reglas y normativa:


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